Optical tracking tapes

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1A Tapes supports you in the creation of individual route networks for your automated guided vehicles. To customisable production, we can realise any route network for you!


Optically track guidance

The sensors of the driverless transport systems navigate themselves to the desired destination via a track guide on the ground. destination. No track guidance system is as innovative and cost-efficient as the optical track guidance system. The track guidance belt and the track elements can be laid according to your ideas and adapted to changed production and storage requirements. production and storage requirements.  The track of the belt can be individually adapted to your requirements. Customer-specific extensions such as logos, QR or barcodes can be implemented according to your wishes. The scratch-resistant surface of the track sections ensures ideal contrast even after long periods of use.


Magnetically track guidance: the proven solution for AGVs

We also have the right solution for intelligent AGV sensors that define their route guidance via magnetically paths: the WT-9228 magnetic track guidance tape. The quick and easy use reduces the effort required for track modifications to a minimum. We adjust the polarity and adhesive force to your needs.